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Support Documentation


Should I use OneDrive or Google Drive for collaboration within SOM?

VCU Health's OneDrive is the preferred cloud storage solution. It is managed and secured by VCU Health and offers additional functionality over Google Drive that will likely be used in the future including being able to map your OneDrive to your computer and use it as a normal drive. There are situations where using Google Drive may make more sense, particulary when collaborating with students or faculty staff in other areas of VCU.

Can I use other cloud storage solutions for work?

Besides VCU's Google Drive and VCU Health's OneDrive, you should not use any other cloud storage offerings to store VCU data. You should not be using your personal cloud storage or other cloud storage solutions to store work-related materials or files. Other cloud storage solutions that you should not use include: Dropbox, Box, Amazon Cloud, etc. You should always use VCU Health's OneDrive or VCU's Google Drive to store business-related files as it has the proper security controls in place to help safeguard data. Again, you should not use any other cloud storage solution other than VCU Health's OneDrive or VCU's Google Drive.

Google Drive FAQs

What happens if I share a document / file with someone who does not have a Google account?

Google will prompt the recipient to create an account using the email address that was provided.

What happens to data when someone leaves VCU?

At the moment, the files and folders created by the user will remain. It's possible that this will change in the near future .It is recommended that the person leaving change the ownership of their files to someone else. If this is not done, please submit a ticket at http://go.vcu.edu/SOMTicket in order to get the ownership changed.

What type of files can I store on Google Drive?

Google Drive allows the storage of any file type. It is believed that the maximum file size for any single file is 5TB. Certain types of files are able to be edited while on Google Drive. This includes documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Please note that these files may need to be converted to a special format in order to be edited online.

Are there any types of data that I should be concerned about storing on Google Drive?

Because of the security agreement between VCU and Google, any data (including category 1 data) except for credit card data may be stored on Google Drive. However, it is more secure to store sensitive data on the SOM share drives. If sensitive data is stored on Google Drive, it is imperative that it be done properly and securely. Please be extra cautious when sharing this type of data. It is the user's responsibility to make sure that sensitive data is not exposed. The School of Medicine has turned on certain security features to make this easier.

To learn more about the different types of data and where it can be stored, click here.

How can I share files and/or folders with other people using Google Drive?

The School of Medicine section of Google Drive allows for three types of sharing:

To share a file, click the Share button at the top right of the screen (while document is open). To share a folder, right click on the folder you wish to share and select Share. More specific instructions on how to share files and/or folders will be documented and provided on the Support page. This will also be covered in the Training sessions provided.

Why can't I use Google Hangouts?

Google Hangouts is not part of the security agreement that VCU has with Google.

How much data can I store in Google Drive?

Google Drive allows for unlimited storage. Each individual file can be no larger than 5TB.

Is Google Drive replacing the School of Medicine "share drives"? (aka T: / U: drives)

No. The share drives will remain available. The share drives make it easier to store and share files in an organized structure. While we continue to increase the capacity of the share drives, Google Drive may be a better choice for certain large data sets and for sharing outside of VCU.

Why isn't Google Drive sync working for me?

Google Drive sync is currently disabled. 

Am I getting a VCU Gmail account as well?

No. The purpose of this set-up is purposefully for the use of Google Drive.

Why can't I use my Google account to log into third party apps?

Third party apps are currently disabled. 

Are the files on Google Drive backed up?

While there is no official backup system in place, there are features that help prevent the accidental deletion of items. When you first delete (or Remove) an item, it is placed in the Trash. Items from the Trash can be easily restored. In order to permanently delete a file, you must choose the "Delete forever" option.

How do I edit files that are on Google Drive?

For files created in Google Drive, you can edit them by double-clicking the file. For uploaded files, you may have to right-click on the file anb choose Open with. Doing this may create a converted version of the file within Google Drive.

What happens if two people try to edit a file on Google Drive at the same time?

Google allows files to be edited by multiple collaborators at the same time. The changes will be shown as they are made.

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