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Finance & Procurement Career Community events

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The Division of Purchases and Supply

Statewide Sourcing & Contracting Officer (Procurement Manager II)

Division of Grants and Contracts

Accountant - Financial Specialist (multiple vacancies)

Team Manager

Effort Reporting Accountant

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Fiscal Administrators Calendar

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Fiscal Administrators Channel
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Fiscal Administrators Resources

Annual Fiscal Processes

  • Unique Tuition & Fees
  • Year End Projections
  • Annual Budget Process

  • Higher Education Equipment Trust Fund (HEETF)

  • Student Technology Fees


VCU reporting center resources

🔗 Budget Reports

🔗 Grant Reports

🔗 Guide to Using the VCU Reporting Center

🔗 Operational (Business) Activity Reports

Policy & Compliance

Fiscal Resources


🔗 Fiscal Administrator Department Directory

🔗 Chrome River Travel Approvers Directory

🔗 Dean and Authorized Approvers List

Finance Career Community

🔗 Finance career community wiki

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🔗 Guidelines & Procedures


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