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  • Enrolling in VCU Health Duo 2-Factor Authentication
  • Downloading & installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN client
  • Configuring & connecting to VCU Health VPN

Part 1: Enrolling in VCU Health Duo 2-Factor Authentication

The most expedited way to enroll yourself in VCU Health’s Duo system would be to call their service desk (804-828-6447) and request their assistance with enrolling in Duo.

They will email your VCU Health account a direct link to enroll.

Part 2: Downloading & Installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN

First, check to see if Cisco AnyConnect VPN is already installed on the computer. If it is already installed, move on to Step 3. 

If not, Cisco AnyConnect should be installable without requiring administrative rights. Here is a direct link to download Cisco AnyConnect:

If you do encounter issues or errors during the install, please contact SOMTech at for assistance.

Part 3: Configuring & Connecting To VCU Health VPN

This section covers configuring and connecting to the VCU Health VPN using Cisco AnyConnect.

  1. Open Cisco AnyConnect
  2. In the text field, enter the server address
    VCU Health VPN Server Address:
  3. Click Connect
  4. Username: VCU Health username
    Password: VCU Health password
    Click OK
  5. Open the Duo mobile app
    Accept the incoming request
  6. Cisco AnyConnect should now be connected to VCU Health VPN


The VCU Health Service Desk (804-828-6447) is ready to assist with VCU Health account related issues, including Duo, password resets, and general account information.

SOMTech (804-828-2227, Option 1) is available to troubleshoot Cisco AnyConnect VPN client issues on SOM computers.

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