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Using computers or mobile devices to conduct live meetings or presentations over the internet

Web conferences provide real-time, synchronous communication between people via the internet. They can incorporate screen sharing, audio, video, text chat, file storage, whiteboards and more. Audio integration may use Voice-over-Internet-Protocol or a traditional telephone line. The term “webinar” typically refers to an interactive seminar or presentation given over the internet. A “webcast” is a live, streaming event that is viewable via the internet, similar to a broadcast on television. Web conferences are possible on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


VCU recently began using an enterprise web conference solution, Zoom. SOMTS will offer training and support for Collaborate to SOM faculty and staff in order to make them comfortable and self-reliant with the tool. SOMTS does not provide laptops, cameras, speakers or headphones for web conferencing.

Because Blackboard Collaborate is VCU’s enterprise solution, SOMTS does not offer support for other conferencing software, such as Skype, WebEx, GoToMeeting or FaceTime. Skype is not recommended due to security concerns; however, Skype traffic is currently allowed on VCU data networks.

If you or your department want more information about SOM conferencing or are interested in trying Collaborate for web conferencing, please contact

Conference and AV Calendar

SOMTech provides video conferencing technical support for the following:

Rooms inside McGlothlin Medical Education Center are scheduled through the SOMRoom website and technical support is provided by SOMTech. To schedule conferencing support, please contact

Learning Theater
3-101 Conference Room
5-102 Small Classroom
6-102 Small Classroom
7-102 Small Classroom
8-102 Small Classroom

SOMTech provides assistance, but not technical support, for the following:

Rooms outside McGlothlin Medical Education Center are scheduled through the Office of the Vice President for Health Sciences and technical support is provided by VCU Media Support Services.

Sanger 1-038
Sanger 1-044 *
Sanger 2-020 *
Sanger 6-032
MSB auditorium *
MMRB auditorium *
* also supports Echo360 lecture recording

These rooms are scheduled through MCV Campus Room Scheduling Opens a new window.

VCU Media Support Services and the other MCV Campus schools support additional videoconference locations.

For more information about SOM conferencing, please contact

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