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Which OSP Team Reviews It?**

** OSP reserves the right to reassign review to another team as appropriate.

K Award Applications - Other Support

Other Support documents for the mentors and co-mentors on a K award application: do not include "percent effort/person months" or "overlap."  

Overall RAMS-SPOT Post-Award Functionality

RAMS-SPOT Format of Award Affects Proposal 2016-12-08

RAMS-SPOT Funding Proposal and Continuation Proposal workflow 2016-12-08

Response from OSP on claiming project space as "in kind" cost share.

Per Red Team: amendments that include supplemental (new, additional, etc) dollars provided by a sponsor should be routed to OSP as a Continuation Proposal.  If no additional funding is being provided, only an Administrative Action is required.

Re-Budgeting Requests in RAMS-SPOT

Per Gold Team:

Post-Award: If the budget requires sponsor approval per the notice of award, and it is not part of another action such as a continuation proposal, please use the "Rebudgeting" admin action module, and include instructions if you need us to send to the sponsor. 

Pre-Award/JIT: If the budget is revised as part of pre-award/JIT activities, and needs to be sent to the sponsor, we will treat it as an internal JIT Review. You can send a copy of the budget to us by email, or by using the Submit Document for Review button.  

There should be no other reason to upload budget revisions to SPOT prior to award, and the Primary Budget in SPOT is not connected to the Award module at this time.

Grant Transfers IN to VCU in RAMS-SPOT

Per Gold Team: If setting up a new FP in SPOT for an NIH grant transferring into VCU, please use this opportunity:

Finding Award Documents in RAMS-SPOT

Per Gold Team: Generally, the award should be uploaded to the RV (Review Record) described as "bilateral agreement review," if there is one, and also to the Administrative Action record for processing the award.

Three ways to navigate to the award document from the FP record:
  • Click on the "Awards" tab and then click on the FP00000000_AW link. Then, click on the "Documents" tab and download the award from the "Award-Initial" link on the right hand side.
  • If available, click on the "Linked Reviews" tab and then click on RV# for Bilateral Agreement Review. Then, click on the "Documents" tab and download the award from the link there.
  • From the Public Comments in the "History" tab, click on "View Award Workspace" link. Then, click on the "Documents" tab and download the award from the "Award-Initial" link on the right hand side.