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Where to submit your request

  1. Go to the VCU IT Support website at:
  2. On the left-side of the IT Support home page, select the box labeled School/Unit Specific Support.

3. On the College/School/Department screen, select the option for School of Medicine.

4. On the School of Medicine screen, select the option for SOM Application Services.

5. On the SOM Application Services menu, select the option which best describes your request:

  • Annual Process/Maintenance: Initiate a recurring maintenance step or process.
  • Data Extract: Request an export of data from one or more systems.
  • Error/Issue: Report an error or bug.
  • Help/Consultation: Request a meeting with the team to discuss your need/idea.
  • Modification to Existing Report: Request changes to an existing self-service report.
  • Modification to Existing System: Request a new system feature or enhancement.
  • New Project: Request a new project.
  • New Report: Request a new self-service report.
  • Procurement: Request for commercial or 3rd-party software

Request Form

Ticket Details Section

Field NameDescription
Requested For

This field is prepopulated with the name of the user entering the request. If you are entering a request on someone’s behalf, edit the name. To ensure the correct name is entered, enter the requestor’s eID and click on the Find Related Item then select the name from the Related Items pop-up

Customer Type

Select from the dropdown (Affiliate, Employee, Faculty, or Student).
Business Unit Name

The Business Unit Name will pre-populate with “School of Medicine”.

Alt PhoneEnter an alternative phone # if needed (your VCU office phone number is captured in the system).
Alt EmailEnter an alternative email address if needed (your VCU email address is captured in the system).
DescriptionEnter a detailed description of your request. Include the primary features this product/service will introduce if applicable.

Other Details Section

Optional fields are marked. All other fields are required.

Field NameDescription
Requesting UnitEnter the name of the business unit for the request (e.g. Curriculum Office, Admissions Office, Research Administration, etc.)
IT Work Request TitleEnter a descriptive title for the request.
System NameSelect the system the request is for; select ‘N/A’ if the request is for a new project.
Business Justification (optional)Enter detailed description of the business problem or opportunity the request will address.
Risk(s) of not implementing this request? (optional)Enter any risks or impacts of not implementing the request.
Is this related to a regulatory mandate?

Select Yes, No, or if you are uncertain whether the request is part of a regulatory mandate, then select Unsure.

Due DateSelect the preferred date for the request to be completed. This date will be confirmed by AS leadership.
Resource Estimates (optional)Enter estimates for resources to include personnel, labor hours, tools, and funding sources if known. AS leadership will perform detailed estimates for requests.

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