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This guide covers the Make Me Admin process for administrative rights on a SOM supported Mac computer. 

If you have not already been configured for Make Me Admin, then submit a ticket to SOMTech at:

NOTE: Depending on a few factors (computer model, last upgrade, configuration), the provisioning process may require some additional work in order to function correctly. 

How it works

Make Me Admin temporarily provides your primary Mac account with administrative rights which can be used for app updates, installs, or various other macOS admin tasks.

The account will have administrative rights for 30 minutes at a time, however, the process is repeatable in case more time is needed.

Terms & Conditions

By running 'Make Me Admin', you understand and agree to the following responsibilities:

All VCU information security policies and standards (can be found at must be followed in order to help prevent unauthorized access, modification, or destruction of information related to this system and the University environment.

The security and management configuration must not be changed on the system without prior notification to and approval from your IT administrator. Compliance with software and copyright laws, as well as any other applicable federal and state laws and regulations must be observed and followed.

Your access to 'Make Me Admin' may be suspended or revoked if any of the aforementioned responsibilities are not met or if inappropriate behavior is observed with your use of the 'Make me Admin' tool. The University reserves the right to monitor the use of this IT system. Improper use of this computer system is strictly prohibited. 

Violators may be subject to disciplinary action under University policies or criminal prosecution under the law.

How to use

Whenever you need administrative rights...

  1. Open the Self Service app (found in either Applications or on your dock)

  2. Login to Self Service with your eID 
  3. Navigate to Utilities and run VCU - Make Me Admin

  4. Once done running, the 30 minute session has begun.

When you receive a prompt requesting administrative rights, simply enter your primary eID and password


To confirm if your account has been given administrative rights... 

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Go to Users & Groups
  3. Under Current User - your account should at least show: Admin

NOTE: If the policy fails, errors, or does not appear to be working, then please submit a ticket to SOMTech for followup (

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