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Comment: Updated Siteimprove screenshot and dropped details on Piwik in favor for Google Analytics
Site Improve


Site Improve is a third-party service that scans your website for broken links, misspelled words, accessibility issues, and provides analytics.

Our license with Site Improve Siteimprove allows us to scan two level pages down (some third level pages) of sites listed in the manager.

To request access to sites in site improveSiteimprove, you must first login to the system by going to with your eID and password. Once you have logged in to the system, you may submit a service desk ticket for may request support to gain access to specific sites.





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Piwik Analytics

Piwik Analytics is open source analytics that is similar to Google Analytics. If you would like to add Piwik Analytics to your site, submit a service desk for each site and you will be given a script to add to your site.

To login to Piwik go to: and login with your eID and password.

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Google Analytics

Matomo (formally Piwik) Analytics has been phased out of usage and at the end of Spring 2020 all access to Matomo will be turned off. 

VCU eIDs can support Google Analytics. Once you set it up, it is required that you grant user management permissions. This is to assure access continuity in the unlikely event that somebody decides to leave the university. More details on requirements can be found in VCU's Web Standards and Guidelines.

Due to the amount of support for Google Analytics by their vendor, Google, VCU does not officially offer support for the product.

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