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As outlined below, plugins are namespaced with a wrapping <div class="plugin-pluginName"></div> and include minimal styles. This way website owners should be able to style each plugin to match their website easily by utilizing that opening "plugin-pluginName" class.

Available Plugins

Plugin NamePlugin Description
Print ThisAdd a print button to the bottom of any page
Child Pages ListPulls in child pages of a selected parent section
AccordionAdds single accordion panels that are limitless
Owl CarouselDisplay a series of images in a scrollable strip
Pdf Pull and SortFetches all pdfs from a media library directory & displays in unordered list
SwipeboxDisplay a series a Media Library category in a lightbox and grid system
To-The-Top ButtonAdd a button to the bottom of any page that brings users to the top of your page.
A-Z ListingLists child pages of a selected parent in a A-Z navigation.
General ContentOne general WYSIWYG editor
Last ModifiedThe date of the last time the page was modified
PrismOutputs code blocks with syntax highlighting
MasonryOutputs a configurable photo grid to display specific photos or a whole media library directory
htaccessOutputs a .htaccess file to use for CAS authentication or defining redirects
Bulletin - Course InfoPulls in information about a VCU course directly from
Bulletin - Subject InfoDisplays info about all courses in a particular subject from

Creating Plugins

Namespacing Plugins