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  • Tips for Successful Proposal Submission

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If you need help with a submission prior to delivery to OSP, please email as soon as possible or reach out directly to Cindy Kinney (

Note: the SOM Reviewers do not always see public comments logged in RAMS-SPOT after SOM has "Requested Changes" on a proposal. 

Possible major issues

  • Be sure to include all required internal forms, with signatures
    • Coverage Analysis Screening Form
      • Make sure the form is completed and signed. If the PI hasn’t signed this form, the proposal will be returned.
    • VCUHS Employee Participation Approval Form
      • Any individual who is a VCUHS or MCVP employee who will be participating on the project must have an approved VCUHS employee form.
      • Remember to budget these individuals in the general cost grid – not the personnel grid
    • F&A Exemption Request Form
      • There are situations when waiving F&A costs is necessary. This situation requires pre-approval from the Dean’s office.  Make sure you begin the approval process as early as possible.
    • PI Eligibility Exception Form
      • Situations such as hospital residents, non-faculty staff, etc. being PI requires pre-approval by the Dean’s office. Please submit the form for review as soon as possible.
    • Voluntary cost share (other than sponsor-mandated salary caps)