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Below are the instructions for submitting a ticket to SOMTech . As of December 4th, 2019, VCU has a new ticketing system based on the Cherwell platform. SOMTech is working with the IT Service Management Office to implement a custom SOMTech interface, but at launch, that is not the caseusing the Cherwell ticketing system. In order to ensure that your ticket arrives at SOMTech and that SOMTech can provide the most efficient support, we strongly encourage you to follow these instructions and include the requested information in each ticket submitted.

For additional assistance with the Cherwell ticketing system, please contact the IT Support Center at 828-2227. 

Who are these instructions for?

With the new this ticketing system, the SOMTech Client Services group now comprises what was previously 3 groups:


If you are trying to submit a ticket to any of these former groups, you are in the right spot! If you are looking for IT support within VIPBG, please visit this page.

Quick/Reference Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Click To Login.
  3. Login to CAS with your VCU eID and eID password (if prompted).
  4. Click on New IT Support Ticket. School/Unit Specific Support
  5. Choose School of Medicine
  6. Choose SOM Client Services
  7. Depending on the issue, you may want to click on different options listed below, but if you are having a problem with your computer (or can't figure out how to get a ticket to SOMTech)not sure which to choose, you should click on these one of the bolded options:
    1. Computing Support
    2. Hardware and Devices
    3. Computer/Laptop
    4. Report IssueReport Issue
    5. Request Service
    6. Request a VCU Health Email Account
    7. Request Access to the SOM Shares
    8. Request Computer
    9. Request New Managed Folder
    10. Request New Shared Mailbox
    11. Request Printer Support
    12. Request Remote Access
    13. Terminate Access to the SOM Shares
  8. Fill in the form with the relevant information and click the Submit button. Use the information below to help best complete this form.
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Here is a template that may be helpful:

This ticket is for SOMTech from DEPARTMENT. Primary Contact: NAME (PHONE) EMAIL Secondary Contact: NAME (PHONE) EMAIL ISSUE OR REQUEST Thanks! / Floor to.Most SOMTech computers have a SOMTech tag sticker on them. If you know the tag number, please include it here. It should look like SOM#####
FieldDescriptionSample ScreenshotFieldDescription
Ticket #The ticket number is shown at the top when creating the ticket, but the ticket does not get sent to SOMTech until the Submit button is pressed.
In this example, the ticket number is 15028.

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Primary Contact

This is the person who is best to contact for information or updates regarding this ticket. This will be the first person that SOMTech contacts when responding to the ticket.

To change this, clear out the text in the field and enter the person's last name or eID and click Tab or the magnifying glass to search for the person.

Requested ByThis field is hidden. It automatically logs the person submitting the ticketDepartmentThis is the department under which the requestor works primarily. This will be used to assign the ticket to the correct technician.
Requested For

This is the person who is having the problem, not necessarily the person submitting the ticket. This defaults to the person who is creating the ticket, but can be changed. Sometimes, this person will not be involved in resolving the problem, but it's important to identify the person actually having the problem.

To change this, clear out the text in the field and enter the person's last name or eID and click Tab or the magnifying glass to search for the person.

Primary EmailPrimary Contact's email address at which they can be reached for questions or updates. 
Customer TypeThis describes the affiliation of the person having the issue (i.e. the Requested For person). Oftentimes, the person will have multiple affiliations – select the one that is most relevant.Primary PhonePrimary Contact's phone number in which they can be reached for questions or updates. 
Business Unit NameThis lists the MBU (major business unit) for the person having the issue (i.e. the Requested For person). This cannot be changed. If this does not show School of Medicine, it is extra important to mention that this ticket is for SOMTech in the Description.eIDThe eID of the Requested For individual. This can be left blank if unknown or not applicable.
Alt Phone / EmailThis is supposed to represent an alternate phone number and email address for the person submitting the ticket (i.e. the Requested By person). To simplify things, please leave this blank or list the primary contact information for the person submitting the ticket. This information will be saved for future tickets, so please do not list the contact information for the person having the issue (i.e. the Requested For person).Urgency & Deadline

If a ticket demands a higher urgency, it can be selected here. SOMTech will attempt to adhere to this requested urgency as best as possible.

If there is an applicable deadline for the ticket, it can be entered here.


This is the most important part of the ticket. Please be sure to include as much of the following information as you can:

  • The fact that this is a ticket for SOMTech
  • The department and/or division for the person having the problem
  • Primary contact person and contact information
  • Secondary contact person and contact information
  • Tertiary contact person and contact information
  • Alternate contact information for any of these contacts
  • The problem or request
  • The urgency of the problem or request
No Format
Computer TypeMac Desktop, Mac Laptop, Other, Windows Desktop, Windows Laptop

Asset Identifier (SOMTag)Please provide the asset number from the SOMTag sticker on your computer. If there is no SOMTag available, please use the computer name if possible.
Telecommuting?If you're telecommuting, check this box to remove the requirement for other location information.

LocationEnter in the beginning of the relevant building name and hit Tab or click the magnifying glass to find the relevant building.
Floor / Wing / RoomEnter in the floor (Wing if applicable) and room number that you would want the technician to goAsset Identifier.
Add AttachmentClick this button to add relevant attachments to the ticket. Screenshots can be very helpful!

This page can be reached in the future by going to