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SOMTech is phasing out the use of Dell Data Protection in 2021. With that being said it is recommended that you start making preparations for this change while we look to move to a new form of data protection. VCU Health's implementation of OneDrive is a cloud based file storage alternative to encrypted physical drives however if you do need to use a physical drive for data storage and we have you on record of having a encrypted drive in your possession then you can expect communication from us soon on how to proceed.

IronKey Drives (Deprecated)


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SOMTech and VCU Health provided hardware-encrypted IronKey devices for many years. These devices required a password every time they were used, but worked on both VCU and VCU Health computers. They were also able to be used on any computer without administrative rights. If the password was forgotten, SOMTech could reset the password administratively (on SOMTech-managed drives). VCU Health used unmanaged IronKey drives which meant that they weren't able to help with forgotten passwords. They stopped providing IronKey drives in 2019.

IronKey Drives Phase-out Plan

As of March 10, 2021, SOMTech will no longer be supporting the IronKey drives. After this date, SOMTech will not be able to help you reset your password if you forget it. This means that your data will be unrecoverable if you forget your password. The drives also have a self-destruct security feature after entering your password incorrectly 10 times.

SOMTech and VCU Health recommend that you use the VCU Health instance of Microsoft OneDrive in replacement of the IronKey drives. OneDrive is a secure location where HIPAA data can be stored and accessed from any computer or device connected to the internet. Google Drive is also a reasonable alternative, but functionality is limited and there is not as much integration with email and other Microsoft Office tools.

In order to protect any data on IronKey drives, we are strongly encouraging that everyone who has an IronKey drive to please follow these steps:

  1. Copy all data off of your IronKey drive
    1. If you have forgotten how to use your IronKey drive or have forgotten your password, please submit a ticket to SOMTech. Do not attempt to login more than a few times as the drive will self-destruct after 10 incorrect attempts.
  2. Physically send your IronKey to SOMTech so that they can be removed rom the environment. Please do not include the password.
    1. Campus mail: Send to SOMTech, Box 980565
    2. Drop off: Drop off in the bin outside of the SOMTech Client Services office in Sanger Hall, B1-039 (near the rest rooms)