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Career Community Guidelines and Procedures -


Final 8.



Financial and Procurement Services Career Community

I. Name

The group is named the Financial and Procurement Services Career Community, or FPSCC.

II. Job Family and Source of Legitimacy

The Financial and Procurement Career Community (FPSCC) represents Virginia Commonwealth University’s (VCU) Financial and Procurement Services (FPS) job families. The community draws its legitimacy from the career community structure described in the Career Development policy and guidelines, which is a subsection of the Working@VCU HR policy. The Career Development Program Manager has ultimate responsibility, per the Career Development policy, for oversight of the career community structure and program.

III. Mission

FPSCC develops VCU finance and procurement professionals through mentoring, learning and connecting in order to bolster the overarching success of the individual, department, and university. 

IV. Vision

FPSCC invests in and unites a diverse community of VCU finance and procurement professionals and aspires to develop its members to support the university’s mission and priorities. 

V. Membership

FPS job family members are automatic members of the FPSCC. Any other VCU employee (university and academic professionals, and classified staff) may join the career community at any time by notifying the career community leadership team of their interest. 

VI. Governing Structure

The FPSCC is governed by a leadership team which consists of 7 positions. Leadership team positions are nominated from and selected by the career community. Job family members interested in serving on the leadership team should seek their manager’s approval in advance of pursuing a position on the team.


Leadership team positions are listed below. Detailed descriptions of each position are written in the Leadership Team Positions document.  Please review the leadership team’s position or click here.

The elected leadership team positions are as follows: