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Last updated August 2018


Cost share commitments in the School of Medicine may be funded in two ways: cost share commitments funded by the School of Medicine (SOM) and cost share commitments funded by Departments. This document outlines the process for SOM Office of Research Administration to verify and allocate budget to departments to fund all approved SOM cost share for M.D. Clinical Faculty.

NOTE: Salary cap cost share for all non-M.D. Clinical Faculty groups is expected to be funded from the base E&G allocation provided to departments by SOM on a fiscal year basis.

At proposal submission: Include the sponsor salary cap in the RAMS-SPOT Primary and Cost Share budgets when building the proposal. For M.D. Clinical Faculty, SOM will not require Cost Share Authorization Forms be completed/signed/uploaded to RAMS-SPOT when submitting a proposal. Cost Share Authorization Forms are required for non-M.D. Clinical Faculty and non-School of Medicine personnel supported by other Schools/Centers.

For active/pending awards: SOM Office of Research Administration will work with departments to review, verify, and fund salary cap cost share commitments for M.D. Clinical Faculty and any other approved exceptions. There will be an initial review and budget load after the 2nd quarter of the fiscal year, and a final review and “true-up” period at the start of the fourth quarter of the fiscal year. 

  1. Start of fiscal year: Departments should verify all active awards and cost share commitments and update payroll allocations as needed to ensure cost share is being appropriately charged per award requirements. Review at least monthly and update for new awards received.
  2. After 2nd quarter of Fiscal Year, First Review – SOM will provide each department a report of the sponsor salary cap cost share dollars projected for the current Fiscal Year, plus all known pre-approved exceptions. This report is based on 1) actual payroll charges to date; 2) current labor distributions entered in Banner; 3) cost share commitments on record in RAMS-SPOT; 4) current Institutional Base Salary levels; 5) current sponsor salary caps in place.
  3. Department review period – Departments will have approximately 3 weeks to review the initial report and provide feedback to SOM. It is expected the department identify and address any corrections or additions that are needed at this time so as accurate of a cost share estimate as possible can be projected. [See below Detailed Guidance for Departments].
  4. SOM provides initial cost share funding allocation – SOM will key a Journal Voucher to transfer budget to the Department’s E&G index, considering any department feedback received.
  5. End of 3rd quarter of Fiscal Year, Final Review – SOM will re-run and send updated cost share projection reporting for the current Fiscal Year to Departments in conjunction with a Journal Voucher keyed to add or remove budget to the Department’s E&G index accordingly, based on updated projections. [See below Detailed Guidance for Departments]
  6. Funding cost share indexes –Departments must transfer budget from their primary E&G index to fund all necessary cost share indexes.

Detailed Guidance for Departments

SOM’s expectation is that departments will make all necessary payroll adjustments prior to the end of the FY 3rd quarter.  Failure to do so will result in potential loss of SOM cost share support. The only updates made to cost share allocations during FY 4th quarter should be for award notices received by OSP after the end of 3rd quarter.

  1. Charge effort to the applicable grant and cost share indexes to coincide with the start date of the award or the date the faculty member begins working on the project, whichever is later.
    1. Ensure effort is charged in the correct proportion based on the faculty member's Institutional Base Salary (VCU+MCVP) and the sponsor salary cap.
    2. Department's should always request an advance Banner index and cost share index when work has begun prior to OSP finalizing the processing of an award.
    3. Faculty effort on the project must be applied to the appropriate grant and cost share indexes coinciding with the start of effort on the project – NOT delayed until the agreement is executed/processed by OSP.
  2. The effort commitment on record in RAMS-SPOT drives the amount of cost share applicable to an active award.  We must ensure commitments are being met within any acceptable range of fluctuation a sponsor may allow.  Request that OSP make changes to the effort commitment whenever a permanent change in effort has been requested/approved by the sponsor.  Voluntary elections to increase effort, which results in increased cost share support ,should be submitted as an exception request prior to engaging with OSP if SOM is expected to fund the increase.
  3. Departments must ensure cost share indexes are linked to the correct, current Grant ID.  When a Grant ID changes for a project, a new cost share index is required.  This ensures cost share payroll is accurately captured in reporting.
  4. If payroll is not accurately charged, Departments must make the necessary retroactive and future payroll adjustments to ensure the faculty member's effort on grant and cost share indexes is verifiable in Banner and on any Banner reports.  Monthly reviews should occur to ensure quick correction of any errors.
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