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  • Payment of Research Subject Stipends via RealSource
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The following instructions were developed and intended for Research Administrators in the SOM Office of Research Administration.


The purpose of this internal guidance document is to clarify and outline the process for SOM Research Administration Shared Services (SOMRAS) Staff, with regard to the payment of research subject stipends through the RealSource One-Time-Payment form.

REMEMBER: If a sponsor or any other outside VCU entity or individual requests information related to research subject stipends or payments, always remove subject names, SSNs, or any other identifying information other than sponsor identifier numbers before sending the information outside of VCU.


1) Research Administrator (RA) receives notification from Study Coordinator that payment of a research subject via check is required. Study Coordinator provides the completed and signed W-9 form to the RA.

RA ensures that Study Coordinator has provided the following on the W-9 form:

  • Study name/protocol #
  • Visit date(s) that the payment corresponds to
  • Subject name, social security number, and remittance address
  • Stipend amount to be paid

The RA should coordinate with the Study Coordinator at the beginning of the study to ensure that this information is provided consistently and legibly on each request for research subject payment.

2) RA will email the CT Financial Analyst assigned to the Department/PI with the following information in the body of the email:

  • Study name/protocol #
  • Visit date(s) that the payment corresponds to
  • Subject name
  • Stipend amount to be paid

Do not attach copies of W-9 forms to the email.  Make sure no social security numbers are included in the email.

3) CT Financial Analyst will respond to the email indicating whether or not the referenced research subject payments are verified, approved, and ready to be paid by Accounts Payable. RA retains copy of each CT Financial Analyst verification email with other study/reconciliation documents. 

4) RA follows all required steps outlined in RealSource guidance documentation for paying research subjects through One Time Payment Requests, specifically:

  1. Set up research subject in RealSource as a Vendor (if they are not already in the system)- Download screen-by-screen walkthrough
    1. Vendor name is "Last Name, First Name"
    2. Tax ID Number is SSN
    3. This is NOT for a Chrome River guest reimbursement or an Independent Contractor
    4. Upload completed substitute W-9.
    5. Monitor vendor request process in RealSource - from left-hand menu, go to Vendors > Requests > My Vendor Requests
  2. Create a One Time Payment Request Form
    1. Search for the new Vendor you have created, "Last Name, First Name"
    2. "Remit to" address is from substitute W-9
    3. Vendor Inv # is the first 3 letters of vendor last name and date of visit (example Smi121019 for Ben Smith's visit on December 10th, 2019)
    4. Invoice date = today
    5. Due date = today
    6. Hold for check pickup = no
    7. Type of Activity = Research Participant
    8. Business Purpose = "Stipend payment for research visit on XX/XX/XXXX, CT Finance verified data entry in OnCore" (if applicable)
  3. Add the One Time Payment Request Form to your shopping cart - click "Add and go to cart" in upper right hand corner.
  4. Click button and then .
  5. You will now be in the Requisition.  Click through each of the items on the left-hand menu until all check marks turn from gray to green. 
    1. You will need to enter a shipping address - search for 1101, then choose Sanger Hall.  Add your name in the ATTN field and room number 1-043 on the second address line.  Save this as your default shipping address.
    2. You will need to enter the index for the study and the account code (638387 Test Individual Payments).
  6. When all check marks are green, click  in the upper right hand corner.  Your One Time Payment Request Form has now been submitted for approval.  

APPROVERS: You will receive an email indicating the person that entered the Requisition and asking you to approve.  If you see one of your team members submitted a research subject payment for approval, click on the "Take Action" link in the email.  It will open up a window where you can review the entire Requisition - review to make sure it is appropriate, that CT Finance has reviewed/verified (if applicable), and that a substitute W-9 has been completed and uploaded.  If all looks ok, use the "Approve" button at the bottom of the screen. 

APPROVERS: You can also log in to RealSource, go to Orders> Approvals > My Approvals to view Requisitions.

5) It is recommend that the RA keep an internal tracking spreadsheet for each study: noting each request that comes through, when it was submitted to Accounts Payable in RealSource, and when it appears as a payment in the PI Dashboard.

6) RA provides copies of substitute W-9 forms to individual in department responsible for reconciliation of study indexes.  Recommendation is to keep these forms saved in a shared folder that both the RA and the fiscal staff in the department have access to.