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Microbacterium enrichment spot tests

Sec 1

Sec 2

Summary Techniques and Data Table: Please copy this table onto your own wiki page. It is your responsibility to notify me or your TA of updates to this table!

Phage name  
Soil Sample Collection


Physical Description:

Air Temperature:

Collection Date:


Discovery method

choose: Direct or Enrichment plating

Enrichment plating

Identification of plaque




Purification of plaque

(Number and method used)



Describe final plaque morphology

(Clear/turbid/halo/comet/size/multiple, etc.)



Conditions for production of web plate
Collection of high-titer lysate



DNA purification, how many columns did you use?  
DNA quantification, Concentration/volume:


Estimated volume collected:

How is your tube labeled?

Restriction digest, which enzymes cut?  
EM Visualization

Head Diameter:

Tail Length:


Submitted Archive Report to or (Microbacterium phages)


Insert link here! 

Submitted lysate archive to Dr. Johnson

How is your tube labeled?




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