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StudentPhage NameHost BacteriaGPSTiterPlaque morphologyDNA Conc.#of DNA Elution ColumnsTEM Morphologyhead diameter/tail lengthhost range notesother comments
Aarthi Prakash           
Ayub Khan           
Bethany Yachuw           
Jane Yang           
Erin Cochran           
Gabrielle Strandquist           
Jenny Snyder           
Keerthana (Katie) Vishwanath           
Kelly Flounlacker           
Lindsay Laiks           
Nikhita Puthuveetil           
Rachel Miller           
Ruairidh Barlow           
Syed Hasan           
Victoria Buchan           
Micah Powell           
Daniah Gadi           
Steven Jermstad           
Amay Iyer           
Emily Gardner           





Check out the best submission in the 1031 phages on the planet analogy! Nikhita's submission is creative, cute, and gets her numbers down into the billions and trillions, which I can kind of understand.  Nice job Nikhita!

                    There are several great runners up that we will share on Tuesday!


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