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TERMINALFOUR (T4) is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to modify website content. As an end user, you have permission to add and modify text and images and establish links to websites, documents, PDFs and media files.

Blog Posts

Need help?

Submit a Service Desk ticket at (T4 is in the middle of the right column).


Users can sign up to join the  T4-Users listserv to receive updates about T4 directly to their email.

We also suggest that users sign up for the Wug-l listserv to recieve updates about VCU's web community.

Web Services Consultation

Twice a week, Web Services provides a free open-style Consultation to the VCU Community. Anything from TerminalFour to Accessibility, Javascript to, if you'd like to speak to a VCU Web Expert in person and meet a few of your colleagues, stop by and join in on the conversation.

Times and locations are listed

VCU Web 200

Web Services offers online training for UAP, staff, faculty, and hourly employees via VCU Web 200 online training on Talent. The same training is also available to student workers via Blackboard and users can self enroll at

T4 Basics Class

Web Services offers an in-person class for users brand new to T4. Classes are usually offered once a month and are limited to 10 people. Users on the T4-Group listserv will be notified when new classes are made available. You can also check current availability at:

T4 Community documentation

T4 provides its own documentation on its extranet. The community extranet can be access from inside T4 by clicking on the graduation cap icon next to your user name at the top right. (You have to be logged into T4 first before you can access)

Community forum

T4 provides a community forum for users to collaborate with other users and T4 staff. VCU users are encouraged to post or scan the threads! (You have to be logged into T4 first before you can access)

Export the wiki to PDF

Users can export the entire wiki space as a pdf for printing by navigating to the bottom left hand corner and click on "Space tools > Content Tools." Once a new page opens go to the "Export" tab and select "PDF." 

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