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This list was started in December, 2016 and is curated by the VCU Technology Services, Web Services staff. All active issues may not be listed. 

Ongoing Issues 🐛

DateSummaryAssociated Service Desk TicketsNotes
12/20/16v8 - LDAP importer not functioning properly.4139665, 4142856 
01/03/17v8 - Unable to "section link" to empty sections.414051601/05/17, Known Bug: RDSM-20717
03/09/17v8 - Media Archive in Packages is not importing.4152809, 4161436

Known Bug: RDSM-25948

03/23/17v8 - Unable to use CAS in staging area Waiting to move to AWS before implementing
03/31/17v8 - Unable to set target on link sections 04/03/17, Known Bug
04/25/17v8 - Power Users can't use "Publish channels" page. Known Bug: RDSM-24487
09/05/17v8 - WYSIWYG editor does not focus cursor on click418938709/05/17, Cursor can be focused if WYSIWYG editable area is clicked in top-left corner
01/12/18T41 - Media Library files (w/ media types that parse T4 tags) w/ HTML special characters inside it break on preview/publish


01/16/18, Known Bug: RDSM-28168 - Workaround: Use "Javascript_noparse" media layout instead of "Javascript"


T41 - BrokerUtils.isFullTextPage(publishCache) does not work properly in programmable page layouts; Causes publishing errors

1063754Community forum has confirmed this problem
03/02/18T41/T42 - Some moderators attempting to duplicate content to the home section receive a 403 error (access denied)4223675
04/06/18T41/T42 - Unable to Web Scrape HTTPS content1067838Known issue w/ fix; Waiting for vendor to add SSL certs.
05/14/18T41/T42 - Cannot update Meta Tags, section won't save.4240074Product Upgrade required. Current workaround: Remove all meta elements, save them in an outside document. Save the document. Add all new meta elements at the same time.

Resolved Issues ✅

DateSummaryAssociated Service Desk TicketsDate ResolvedNotes
12/05/16v8 - Media Archive in Packages is not importing images4134922, 413913712/17/16
01/12/17Level 0 Navigation Objects in Microsites refer to primary channel
02/09/16Working as intended
02/07/17v8 - Max Character of 50 on Section Names
Increased to 200
02/24/17v7 - Errant "TypeError: Cannot find function hasMicrosites" displaying on live webpages
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