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The documentation here is written to directly support VCU TerminalFour users with "Version 8" of the Site Manager application. Pages listed in the wiki are tagged with the following tags to be able to efficiently searched for documentation on the abilities of each user role. If you are contributing to this community wiki please ensure the proper tags are placed on the page to ensure others can find the accurate information that corresponds to their role.

  • "basics" - Functionality everyone will use regardless of their role.
  • "contributor" - Documentation needed by Contributors.
  • "moderator" - Documentation needed by Moderators.
  • "power user" - Documentation needed by Power Users.
  • "developer" - Advanced documentation for Power Users with significant web development background.

Terminalfour Training

University and Academic Professionals, Classified staff, Administrative and Professional Faculty, Teaching and Research Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, and hourly employees

Access the free VCU Web 200 online training. You may need to login first, and navigate to it manually. Select "Learning Search" from the "Learning" menu in the primary navigation. Type in "VCU Web 200" and select "Launch" or "Register." At this time we'll need a screenshot of the last page as proof of completion. This will not be necessary in the future.

Student workers, including work-study, post-docs and graduate assistants

To enroll for the T4 Blackboard test authenticate within Blackboard or go to

Siteimprove Training

Completion of Siteimprove's Accessibility Fundamentals for the Web course is a requirement to gain access to Terminalfour.

  • Sign into VCU's Siteimprove at This automatically creates an account for you. Notice you don't have any websites under your management; a Service Desk ticket will gain you access to websites after training.
  • On the upper right, to the left or your name, click "Help Center and Academy". A drop down menu will appear, select the very bottom option "Academy".
  • You're now on the Siteimprove Academy Dashboard. You may already have the correct course assigned to you, if not select "Course Library" found in the upper left of the page.
  • A list of learning paths and courses will appear, the only required course is "Accessibility Fundamentals for the Web" which consists of three modules and an assessment.