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For more information on the VCU web standards on accessibility, go to:

All new T4 channels are made with the Accessibility Report to be run once daily. If you have a legacy site that this needs to be enabled for please put in a Service Desk ticket.

Add metadata fields into Page Layout

Add metadata into all pages by adding the meta navigation tags into page layouts. 

  1. Open up a page layout and select the T4 Tag Builder
  2. Add Keywords to the page layout by selecting the keywords T4 tag

  3. Copy and paste the T4 tag into the header of the page layout within the <head> ... </head>
  4. Repeat the above steps for description

  5. To automatically pull the title from the General Tab add the following T4 tag into your page layout:
        <title><t4 type="title" /> </title>

  6. Customize the title by adding the Unit Name after the T4 title tag:

Adding Metadata to pages

  1. For each page created, select the Metadata Tab. Fill out the relevant information for Description and Keywords. Depending on how your site is setup, you should not have to add a title as this should be automatically generated by the name you give the page in the General Tab.
    1. Metadata Tab
    2. Description - Add a description that accurately identifies the content on the page.
    3. Keywords - Use keywords that accurately identify content on the page.
    4. Title - Depending on how the site is setup, this usually does not need to be manually entered as it is pulled from the name you give a page in the General Tab.
    5. Update - After updating metadata, select Update or the changes will not be retained for existing pages.