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This process should be completed by a supervisor or HR administrator.

Below are the steps that should be followed in order to request and receive new VCU Health email accounts.

Please email with any questions concerning this process.

  1. Download the EGI form and instructions.

  2. Fill out the EGI and email the completed form to VCU Health HR at

  3. You will receive the non-employee number for the new employee via email from the VCU Health HR group.

  4. Click HERE to go directly to the ARF section of VCU Health's new ticketing system, Keystone. (login with VCU Health credentials)
  5. Under Requested For, enter the new employee's name or non-employee number.

    1. If you (the requestor) are not listed as the Current Approving Manager, then try checking Alternate Approver Needed and search for yourself in the Alternate Approver dropdown menu. 

      Not all administrators will be automatically listed as an eligible approver in the new system.
      If you are still unable to list yourself as an alternate approver then stop this process and follow up in an email to (or submit a ticket to us at
      We will finish processing the request on your behalf and also investigate adding you as an eligible approver for the future.

  6. Under Commonly Requested Items, check the Outlook Email & Windows User Activation options.
  7. Click Next to continue the process.
  8. The next page is a review of what has been chosen. When you are ready to proceed, click Next.

  9. When you are ready to submit this request, choose Order Now. (ignore pricing)

  10. You will eventually (typically within 1 hour) receive an email from Keystone requesting your approval on the ARF.
    Subject: Requested Item RITMxxxxxxx Approval Request
    At the bottom of the email, choose Click here to approve RITMxxxxxxx

  11. After you approve the request, you'll receive a separate email receipt and the request will be sent to the VCU Health Access Management group for further processing.

  12. When the new employee's Windows account has been created, you'll receive an email containing access details.
    Subject: RITMxxxxxx submitted for <Employee Name Would Be Here> has been completed.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This email is pertaining to the employee's login information and not their actual email account. The email account creation is a separate process that typically takes between 24-48 hours to complete.

    Click the hyperlink to login to Keystone and select the related request from the list.

    Store this information for now as it will be used in a later step.

  13. You will receive an email notification from someone in the VCU Health Access Management group once the email account has been created.
    SUBJECT: Outlook Email for <Employee Name Would Be Here>

  14. At this point, the email account has been created and is ready for initial access.

  15. The new employee can reset their password by going to and logging in using their email address (Step 13) and temporary password (Step 12).

  16. Afterwards, they can setup the account in the Outlook client by following the instructions here: <WIKI ARTICLE TO GO HERE>

Additional Resources

VCU Health HR:


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