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There are a few ways to contact SOMTech. The primary ways are described below.


SOMTech has a ticket management methodology in process and is often working on better ways of handling incoming tickets. Unfortunately, requests submitted through alternate means are more difficult to manage. This is especially true if you try to contact a technician directly as there are times when a technician may be out of the office or pre-occupied.

The easiest way to start the ticket creation process is to go to the following URL:

Alternate Methods of Contact


The VCU IT Support Center accepts calls on SOMTech's behalf at (804) 828-2227. They are available to answer many questions about various accounts and systems around VCU and can submit a ticket to SOMTech if they are unable to help with the issue.

When calling the IT Support Center, please mention that you are supported by SOMTech.


SOMTech monitors the following email address in a limited fashion: While it is unlikely that an email will be missed, it is more likely that you will get a faster resolution by submitting a ticket. The email address is good if you have a general question or need to talk to SOMTech management.

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