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SOMTech Application Services will list new announcements in the table below.




An Improved Process for Submitting Requests in Cherwell

Dear Colleagues,

Last June, the SOMTech Application Services team launched a new process for submitting requests/tickets in Cherwell. Based on your feedback, we have made several changes to make this process easier, including:

  • Improving descriptions for all Application Services requests on the SOM Cherwell portal page.
  • Streamlining the ticket entry process by reducing the number of form fields requiring information, which means less time to enter a ticket!
  • Adding a requesting unit dropdown field for easier entry.
  • Providing quick access to additional instructions to help fill out the form fields.

To help the Application Services team continue to improve our service delivery, we will be launching a new customer satisfaction survey this summer. A link to the survey will be sent after Cherwell tickets have been completed and at regular intervals throughout longer-term projects. We encourage you to provide your honest feedback so we can continue to refine our processes to serve you better.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Bhavesh Patel, Director of Application Services, at

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