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Personnel actions are processed using the Banner Personnel/Position Action Forms (PAF), the ePAF in Banner (NOAEPAF), or eJobs.

If you have questions about completing these forms or the appropriate documentation to include, call HR Operations at 827-1770, or contact the HR Professional, HR Consultant or HR Operations staff member for your department. For a list of HR department contacts, visit HR Consultation under HR Partners at

  • The eJobs online system is used for job postings. It is also used for position information for classified, faculty, and university positions and for the submission of all position establishments, new hires, transfers, role changes, classified temp pay and in-band adjustments. A PAF is created in eJobs to be submitted, upon Human Resources approval, through ImageNow to HR Operations. Access eJobs by going to and using your eID and password to log in. 
  • The ePAF is a Banner form (NOAEPAF) that is used by department Human Resources to make certain changes to employees’ jobs, such as updating supervisors, changing timesheet orgs, creating affiliate records. 
  • The Excel PAF has been designed to follow the forms and blocks in Banner. For every action chosen, the form will tell you what additional fields do and do not have to be completed. Many fields have drop-down menus for easy completion, and others have hover boxes with an explanation of the field and where data can be obtained. New data or changes should be indicated and appropriate signatures obtained. If additional documentation is required, this should be put with the PAF and the full package should be faxed or emailed to VCU Human Resources.

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