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Fiscal Administrators Resources

Annual Fiscal Processes

Unique Tuition & Fees

Year End Projections

Annual Budget Process

Higher Education Equipment Trust Fund (HEETF)     

Student Technology Fees


VCU reporting center resources

Budget Reports

Grant Reports

 Guide to Using the VCU Reporting Center                                           

 Operational (Business) Activity Reports 

Fiscal Resources


Budget and Resource Analysis                                                               

Fringe Rates

Policy & Compliance and more

Policy & Compliance

Allowable expenditures & required docs

Conflict of interest policy

Prohibition of salary supplements                             

Reporting potential fraud

Records & retention


University financial policies                                                                    


🔗 Fiscal Administrator Department Directory

🔗 Chrome River Travel Approvers Directory            

🔗 Dean and Authorized Approvers List                                              

Finance Career Community

Finance career community wiki

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Guidelines & Procedures                                                                        

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