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As of Tuesday, August 24th, 2021, we will open our public labs to allow students to do their academic work. For more information about using the physical lab, see INFO - Hours - Computer Labs.

Those who choose to use our remote environment can follow the steps below. The virtual environment is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We can only have ten simultaneous connections, so PLEASE LOG OUT WHEN YOUR WORK IS COMPLETED!

For quick access try the "Browser Access" method.  On success, follow the "Desktop Client" option. For ALL ongoing usage, the Desktop Client is the preferred method as this provides the best experience and most flexibility.  Do note that this method is REQUIRED for work with compatible USB devices.

REMINDER:  Lab systems are restored to their original state upon reboot.  Please be sure to save your work to your USB Device, Google Drive File Stream, or your H: drive.

REMINDER:  Lab computers will force a reboot if idle for an extended period.  Please do not leave sessions connected and unattended.  This could result in lost work and data.

Browser Access

The following "browser only" procedure is a simplified process to test that you can remotely login to one of the Engineering public access lab computers.

  1. Launch a browser and go to:
  2. Login with your VCU eID and eID password.  Accept terms.
    1. NOTE: If you are unable to login within five seconds, refresh the page. You may have to do this up to four times. This is a known issue, and Technology Services is working on resolving it. 
  3. You should see the option of "Desktops" near the top.  Click on this.
  4. You should see "EGR - Remote Lab".  Click on this.  Will take a short while.
  5. Wait for login to complete - will see the "You are currently logged in as:".
  6. If this is only a brief session, you may now start the engineering application you need to use to complete your academic work.
    For extended usage, please review the Desktop Client configuration.

Desktop Client

Use the Engineering Wiki link below for detailed instructions on installing and launching the "Citrix Workspaces" client on your personal computer (PC or Mac) for a better experience and greater functionality, such as using USB devices.


NOTE:  When you have completed your work, ALWAYS be sure to log off or restart the lab computer AND THEN log off your App2Go session.

Saving Work

When it comes to saving work, do not use any of the normal methods (i.e.  Documents folder) to save work. Instead use Google Drive File Stream, your H: drive, or just save directly to your device. For more information about saving to Google Drive, see

You can also use this screenshot as a reference when saving data. Notice how there are red X's on the personal folders. 

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