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On January 27, 2021 the FPSCC Connecting, Learning and Mentoring Committees hosted a presentation demonstrating some functionalities of the SAS Reporting Center and the Finance and Research Dashboard. The session was presented by Karen Lamb, a business analyst in the Controller's Office. 

The session focused on some resources available in the Reporting Center, including navigating to the system, who has access, and running useful reports.  Shifting to the Research Dashboard, the PI Dashboard was discussed, along with understanding how to view active awards and how to access reports, portfolio information, as well as how to view number of researcher in one area and their awarded amounts, including timelines. Lastly, the Finance Dashboard went over the different types of access, as listed in the system. Several different reports and screens were discussed, as well as how to download data, certify expenses, and using this process to meet audit requirements. There were a few specific questions asked during this presentation, which were helpful to all attending. Big thank you to Karen for being an amazing presenter and all those who participated!

If you were unable to attend the session, there are some user manuals and link to re-watch the session below. Be on the look out for information for future sessions.

Download the user manual guides for the Reporting Center and Finance Dashboard -->

Recording of the session can be found here.

Reporting Center discussion beginning around 1:00 mark

Research Dashboard discussion beginning around 10:30 mark

Finance Dashboard discussion beginning around 37:00 mark

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