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FPSCC develops VCU finance and procurement professionals through mentoring, learning and connecting in order to bolster the overarching success of the individual, department, and university. 


FPSCC invests in and unites a diverse community of VCU finance and procurement professionals and aspires to develop its members to support the university’s mission and priorities. 


The FPSCC is an employee-run organization that connects VCU employees in the Financial Services and Procurement Services job families; across departments and across campuses. Our overall goals are to break down silos, strengthen communication within our community, provide resources and engaging opportunities to connect with like minded professionals, and enhance relationships.

Meeting frequency

Check our Events tab for upcoming sessions.


Listserv sign-up link –


2021 Leadership Team



Co-chairsMarc Aiello/Vacant
Correspondence chairVacant
Mentoring committee lead

Al Subramanian

Learning committee lead

Anne Brown

Connecting committee leadPeggy Branch

2020 Leadership Team



Co-chairsStephanie Hart and Ashleigh Luck
Correspondence chairNichole Washington
Financial chairMonica Jackson
Mentoring committee lead

Charleyne Kelley

Learning committee lead

Angela Diggs

Connecting committee leadAngela Davis

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